12 November 2018


A re-elected Andrews Labor Government will take the stress and expense out of installing kid’s car seats, by offering grants to Neighbourhood Houses and community organisations across the state for professional installers to do it for families for free.

Every new parent knows the feeling of trepidation when leaving the hospital with your newborn baby and strapping them into the car seat for the first time – because there is nothing more important than your child’s safety. And even as our children grow, it’s important that we keep track of the fit of their car seat.

That’s why Labor will provide $4 million to Neighbourhood Houses and community organisations right across Victoria so that they can run car seat fitting and safety checks.

A standard fitting usually costs around $40 per seat, but in the first few years of a child’s life, they might move from a rear facing capsule, to a forward facing harness seat and then to a booster seat. We know that these costs can add up so we’re stepping in to help.

Under Labor, parents will be able to drop in and have their car seat fitted or checked at one of hundreds of Neighbourhood Houses, to make sure the seat is safe or get it adjusted so it is.

Some local councils are already offering a service like this, in municipalities like Bayside, Moonee Valley and Banyule and it has proved extremely popular – so we’re expanding it further to Neighbourhood Houses and other community organisations across our state.

In Victoria, it is the law for all children up to the age of seven to be in a child restraint or booster seat when travelling in a vehicle. Choosing the right child restraint for your child will depend on their age and size. To keep your child safe, the restraint must also be properly adjusted, fastened, and fitted to the vehicle.

Professional installers know the rules and requirements and are best placed to demonstrate how to fit a child restraint correctly. Families can continue to go back to the Neighbourhood House or community organisation as their child grows to make sure their car seats are still safe.

Only Labor will help Neighbourhood Houses and community organisations take the stress and expense out of installing car seats for parents, making sure our kids are kept safe.