16 November 2018


A re-elected Andrews Labor Government will enshrine our legislated ban on fracking in the Constitution of Victoria, protecting our prime agricultural land for good, and ensuring the world knows our food is frack free.

Victoria has some of the cleanest and greenest food and fibre in the world. Our primary producers are truly world leaders. That’s why we banned fracking – to protect our farmland and our reputation.

Our farming community has made it clear that they want to protect the industry and their land from the impacts of fracking and coal seam gas operations.

Labor will also provide $1 million for export focused marketing activities, to promote our clean and green food and fibre sector to the world.

This investment will fund a number of Minister-led inbound and outbound trade missions, bringing leaders from agriculture, food processing and government together with major purchasers of agricultural exports.

The campaign will kick off next year, capitalising on the Global Table event in Victoria in 2019. Global Table will be the largest food business event ever staged in Australia, with more than 5,000 participants.

It will involve a series of internationally-focused business events that will promote Victoria as the destination for investors and traders to connect with business leaders from across the globe.

Victoria’s agricultural sector exports $13 billion in food and fibre products each year and employs over 190,000 people.

The Resources Legislation Amendment (Fracking Ban) Act passed the Victorian Parliament in March last year, banning all onshore unconventional gas exploration and development, including hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’.

But the Liberals don’t believe in the ban and will remove it the first chance they get. They’ve promised to cut resources red tape – that is code for bringing back fracking. This would destroy our farming communities and put our valuable agricultural exports at risk.

This shows the deep division within Coalition ranks – while the Nationals talk a big game about protecting Victorian farmers, they’ll always roll over for their Liberal masters.

That’s why we’ll make it even harder for a future Liberal National Government to remove the ban, so they can’t destroy our prime agricultural land. We are proud to have banned fracking and only Labor will keep it that way for good.